This blog discusses the role of Med Pay in NC Automobile Accident Cases.  Med Pay, or Medical Payments Coverage, is insurance coverage typically combined with an automobile policy.  The coverage is optional but most insurance agents include Med Pay coverage with automobile insurance plans.  Med Pay limits are relatively small — $1000, $2000 or $5000 – and the coverage is inexpensive.

Persons eligible to file a Med Pay claim on an automobile policy generally include:  1) any named insured on the automobile insurance policy; 2) the insured’s spouse; 3) the insured’s family; 4) any person occupying a vehicle insured under the policy; 5) any person occupying a vehicle driven by someone insured under the policy.   An insured who is a pedestrian may collect Med Pay benefits when struck by a vehicle.  There are a number of specific exclusions from Med Pay coverage so check the policy carefully to see if your particular situation is covered.

In order for Med Pay to apply an insured must sustain an injury requiring medical treatment arising out of the use of an automobile.  Med Pay pays the actual, reasonable medical expenses associated with injuries that arise out of the use of a covered automobile.  Occasionally an insurance company will deny payment of a medical bill which it judges to be excessive.

Medical treatment must be provided by a licensed medical provider, including a chiropractor.  Med pay is no-fault coverage, which means it does not matter who is at fault in causing the injury.  Med Pay will pay the entire amount of the medical bill, without regard to whether that same bill is paid by health insurance.  There is no deductible with Med Pay coverage and filing a Med Pay claim will not increase your insurance premium.  Med pay does not cover pain and suffering, disability, lost wages or anticipated future medical expenses.

If you are injured in an automobile accident in North Carolina, Medical Payments Coverage can provide important flexibility in dealing with medical expenses.  Med Pay in NC automobile accident cases can allow you to pay your medical expenses if you do not have health insurance and to collect a small cash benefit if you do.  If you have questions about Med Pay in NC automobile accident cases call Cary, NC, automobile accident lawyer Kevin Bunn.