Cary NC Workers Compensation Attorney

If you are hurt on the job in North Carolina you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.  Workers’ comp is the system established to care for employees who suffer workplace injuries or develop an occupational disease.  In the past this has been referred to as workman’s comp or workmen’s comp.  For over twenty years Cary NC Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Bunn has helped injured workers get the benefits they deserve.

Workers’ comp applies to accidental injuries that occur while on the job as well as occupational diseases that are related to employment.  Not all workplace injuries are covered by workers’ comp.  In a NC workers’ compensation case the employee does not have to prove the employer was at fault in the accident.  An injured employee can collect workers’ comp benefits even if they contributed to their own injury.

Workers’ comp will pay for medical treatment for the injured body part necessary to cure the injury, reduce pain or lessen disability.  An injured worker who is disabled because of a workers’ comp injury is also entitled to receive weekly payments, usually amounting to two-thirds of their average weekly wages prior to the injury.

The rules that govern workers’ compensation in North Carolina are complex.  Unfortunately, insurance companies frequently deny valid workers’ compensation claims or refuse to provide appropriate medical treatment or wage payments.

An experienced NC workers’ compensation attorney can help you understand your rights and ensure you are treated fairly.  If you fit any of the following categories you should consult  an experienced North Carolina workers’ comp lawyer:

  • Suffered a serious workplace injury that may require surgery;
  • Are not receiving timely communications from the employer or the insurance company about your claim;
  • Have questions about whether you are receiving the medical or wage benefits you are owed;
  • Have been asked to sign a settlement agreement or “clincher” or to accept a “rating” payment;
  • Are worried you will be fired because of your injury;
  • Have questions about how workers’ comp will affect other benefits, such as social security, Medicare, or your private health or disability plans;
  • Were injured by the negligence of a third party, such as an automobile accident.

Kevin Bunn is a Cary NC workers compensation attorney.  He provides a free consultation to injured NC workers.  There is no fee unless we recover.  We are located near Interstate 40 in Cary, NC, convenient to Raleigh, Apex, Holly Springs and Fuquay-Varina.  Call or email today for your free consultation with Cary NC Workers Compensation Attorney Kevin Bunn.